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Alice Ursano:

Meet alum Alice Ursano, the new Director of Advancement, which means she oversees all of Pres’ fundraising activities. She is crazy about Baseball Nut ice cream and loves all kinds of exercising, as long as she’s with a friend. She has constantly been involved with Pres  after graduation, always using Pres babysitters and coming to events, so she says it’s very surreal for her to be on the other side now. “I loved high school,” she said. “I had a great time here. I was very thankful I got to go to school here. I think my friendship was the best part of it for me. I left with a great sense of community, a big sense of giving back to my community, being part of a bigger group of girls. We weren’t very self-centered. We did everything with our friends, about our friends. I can say that my class, I felt like every one of those girls was my friend. We really only had each other so it created a strong bond.”

Sean Donoho:

Sean Donoho is Presentation’s newest addition to the English Department. Last year Donoho was a long-term substitute for Ms. Meyer, so he is no stranger to the Presentation community. This year he is teaching both ninth grade English and British Novel.

Donoho played soccer throughout high school and college, so he enjoyed spending summer nights watching the San Jose Earthquakes. Donoho also enjoys reading, visiting family back East, and watching every episode of Say Yes to the Dress with his fiancée in preparation for their upcoming wedding.

He is still acclimating to life in the Bay Area as well as life at Pres. He appreciates Pres’s small, tight-knit community – especially in comparison with his high school of 2500 students. “Being at Pres,” said Donoho, “is a very new experience – a much improved experience than what I had growing up.”

Fun Fact: Donoho’s favorite song to sing when nobody is listening is Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

Krista Thomas:

Many things have changed since she went to Pres, but one thing that hasn’t is the smell. Meet Krista Thomas, Presentation’s new graphic designer. This graphic designer has been tap dancing since she was 3 and enjoys Zumba and U-Jam. If she could have a song played every time she walked into a room, she would choose “I Have a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas and would have Reese Witherspoon play her in a movie about her life. When asked about coming to work at Pres, Thomas said, “ I had wanted to be a teacher, and actually before I was at a graphic design firm, I worked at St. Martin of Tours. I was a second grade aide, which was really fun and I loved working at a school. But then I realized I really want to be a graphic designer so I’m going to go to a firm. So I did and now coming back to Pres I get the best of both worlds, working at a school and doing graphic design.”

Tracy Hughes:

Tracy Hughes earned her Bachelor’s degree at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon.  From there, Hughes acquired her Ph.D. at Cardiff University in Wales.  At Presentation, Hughes teaches general science, biology and chemistry.  “I worked here from 1991-2000 and I loved it. It was my first teaching job and I had a great experience. Then my family and I moved to the UK and stayed in Wales for eight years until we moved back to the US in 2008.”  Upon moving back to California, she she missed Presentation and is excited to be teaching here once more. Hughes loves the outdoors and, in her free time, enjoys hiking, biking and camping.  Along with those activities, she enjoys watching her daughter’s water polo games. If she were to have any actress play herself in a movie, it would be Julianne Moore.  Interestingly, she also knows a fair amount of Welsh.

Caroline Murray:

Caroline Murray attained her bachelor’s degree at Occidental College in Los Angeles. She then went on to get two masters degrees at La Universidad de Grenada in Spain and San Jose State. Murray was drawn to Spanish after freshman year with Manny Hernandez as her teacher. “It was a total stroke of luck, or fate, that I was just looking around the Pres website for fun and I saw an opening for a full time Spanish position,” said Murray.

“I saw it and I knew that was where I had to be.” Murray continues to take classes at San Jose State. “I’m a nerd and I love taking classes,” she said. Outside of working at Pres and taking classes, she used to teach Salsa classes and currently does Bhangra, a form of Indian dance. Murray’s most embarrassing moment was when she was at a bus stop in Spain and confused two Spanish words, accidentally telling someone she put lentils in her eyes instead of contacts.

Crystal Catalan:

New Community Involvement (CI) moderator Crystal Catalan says she is thrilled to be a part of the Presentation Community! In high school Catalan was involved with theatre, ASB, and was even elected Prom Queen. She then graduated from the University of San Diego and worked in sales and marketing. Soon after, Catalan became a missionary and worked in New York, the Philippines and Swaziland. Upon her return to the states, she worked in Philadelphia, but soon moved to the Bay Area where she found Pres. Here at Pres, Catalan can be found in the new CI Office (next to room 30) and is responsible for communicating with local service groups and organizing service events including immersion trips. “I’m all about community service and doing social justice,” said Catalan.

Shaun Eagan:

Shaun Eagen, more commonly known as Shaun on the Presentation campus, is Pres’s newest strength and conditioning coach. He went to De Anza College for two years and then West Virginia Wesleyan College to finish his degree and play football. He competes in CrossFit, runs a CrossFit gym and also teaches new CrossFit coaches. In the time he is not participating in anything CrossFit related, he enjoys staying active by camping, fishing, hunting and playing with his puppy, Rio. Eagen says he is also a “music nerd.” When he was younger he played many different instruments and enjoys every kind of music. If he were to have one song play every time he walked into a room, it would be “All I Do is Win” by DJ Khaled.

Alyssa Russo:

Meet Alyssa Russo, our new lab assistant and co-teacher for the integrated science seminar. If you ever have her as a substitute teacher in science, make sure not to slack off; she detests laziness. She’s not all work though; she likes mountain biking and secretly loves singing Katy Perry. Looking at her life, Russo said, “After I decided I didn’t want to be in a chemistry lab for the rest of my life, and I knew I wanted to teach and to mentor young girls, especially get more women into STEM fields, I knew immediately Pres would be a great opportunity for me.”

Kirk Westbrook:

Meet Kirk Westbrook, Presentation’s new database manager. You may not know this, but he was a high school water polo player and his team was the CCS champion two years in a row. He was drawn to Pres because of our community and reputation for excellence in education. When asked about his experience at our all girls school, Westbrook said, “I was a little concerned that it was going to be loud and obnoxious, but it’s not. It’s even more calm than a mixed-gender school, because there’s more stuff going on there between the girls and the guys that causes a lot of excitement. So yes, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Now, it feels normal; I like it.

Kyle Brumbaugh:

Kyle Brumbaugh is Presentation’s Educational Technology Coordinator. He has been working in the educational field for many years as both a teacher and an administrator, but is now focused on further integrating technology and education. This year he is a part of the ninth grade pilot program which is testing the efficiency of tablets (both iPads and Helixes) at Pres. Brumbaugh said, “My job is to work with teachers to allow them to infuse technology into their teaching repertoire.” Even outside of Pres, Brumbaugh spends a lot of time working with technology. He is in the board of directors for the non-profit organization Computer Using Educators (CUE), which promotes the use of technology in education. Aside from technology, Brumbaugh enjoys sports – especially baseball and football. He played both sports throughout high school and continued playing football for San Francisco State University and is a fan of both the San Francisco Giants and San Francisco 49ers. Fun Fact: Brumbaugh was in the stands when Barry Bonds hit his 756th home run.

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