My iOS Rate of iOS 8


Mary Rose Bernal

Leah DiBenedetto, Reporter

The wait is finally over! Apple has released the iPhone 6 containing the iOS 8 software update.

The iPhone 6 is the next big thing (literally). An unbelievable 4 million were sold on just the first day. Apple has magnified this phone to two new sizes: a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch screen. It comes in silver, gold, and black. But many are wondering what is so great about this new phone besides its size? In fact, it has many other features.

Bigger also means better when it comes to the high resolution screen on the new phone. The display creates more accurate colors at wider viewing angles and higher brightness. Have you and your friends ever all been trying to watch a video on your phone but none of you can find the right angle to where you can all see it? On the new iPhone 6 the retina HD display enables color accuracy from corner to corner, so movies and videos stay true to their coloring from any angle.

“Hugely powerful. Enormously efficient” as Apple promised when they released this product. They have created an A8 chip which measures your activity from advanced sensors and enables longer battery life with better performance. The A8 chip also supports advanced camera and video features such as better face detection, autofocus, and new Focus Pixels which results in higher-quality photos and videos.

Perhaps the most widely anticipated new product of Apple has been the iOS 8 software update, which anyone with an iPhone can download. Although Although iOS 8 offers many helpful features and a new format, it has caused numerous operating problems, the biggest problem being with Wifi.

Users have reported that the router to the wifi will appear to be strong, but when you start using the wifi, the connectivity to the internet often immediately fails or continues to appear as loading but never actually does. Apple has not released a fix for this mass problem.

Despite the initial hiccups, iOS 8 was designed to make operation easier. One new feature is the quick response feature where you can slide a notification up to dismiss it, or pull it down to reveal actions you can take such as replying. Are you driving in the car and can not text? Now you can send audio messages directly to people. You can also double click the home button and the top bubbles will reveal your recent contacts where you can instantly call or text them. Finally, the Health app has been added to the software. Now you can take body measurements and  track your fitness, nutrition, exercise, sleep, and vitals.

Overall, the iPhone 6 and the iOS 8 software update are well worth the time and money that people are spending on them, despite the few problems they face.