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Fashion Profile: Laura Duffy

Robyn Naragon, Opinions Editor

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Junior Laura Duffy is not someone who is easily missed. In addition to her height, her unique style sets her apart from the crowd and sets a great example of how to be a unique individual in a world ravaged by tedious brands like Lululemon, Uggs and North Face. Duffy is someone to look up to, figuratively and literally.

Voice: How would you describe your sense of style?

Laura Duffy: It’s kinda like a laid-back grunge–lots of black and kitties. I like wearing edgier clothes. A lot of people wouldn’t think it’s normal, they’re just like “Oh, that’s Laura!” I have stuff from random places that I go to and I just collect it all in my wardrobe. Really, I’m all about comfort. And I love boots.

Voice: What sparked your interest in cat attire?

LD: I don’t really know. I just wanted to be different from everyone else. And I like cats. Some people are more conservative with their style, but I’m kind of an interesting person and I want my clothing to reflect that.

Voice: Where do you tend to shop?

LD: I shop at random places… Nordstrom’s BP and Topshop, Urban, H&M, sometimes Anthropologie but that’s more for looking since it’s so expensive. [I shop] online a lot and thrift stores like Crossroads sometimes.

Voice: Is your height a factor in the clothes that you choose to wear?

LD: Yes. It’s definitely hard to find jeans, so that’s a challenge. Some jackets aren’t long enough so I try to go for a tall selection if they have that. I like wearing skirts and dresses and tights a lot just because finding pants is so hard. Then I can play up the long legs! Oh, and I cannot shop at Brandy Melville. Just because it’s one size fits all does not mean that one size fits tall.

Voice: What do people tend to tell you about your wardrobe? Any comments in particular that you remember?

LD: I always get, “You’re super hipster!” Which kind of bothers me because I’m just being me, I’m not trying to be anything. Then some people tell me, “Oh, that’s an interesting way to wear that” and “How do you pull that off?” But really, you just got to go for it. If you feel confident, then you pull it off.

Voice: What do you hope to show people with your sense of fashion?

LD: I am a fun person—a little quirky and edgy—and sometimes I like to feel badass.

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Fashion Profile: Laura Duffy