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Out with the Old. In with the New!

Sarah Zajac

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Goodbye 2011 and hello 2012! Yup, that’s right, it’s finally here, the year that many have been looking forward to. Though it seemed to take forever to get here, there is no doubt that we sure are welcoming the new year with new trends and sayings while saying goodbye to old ones. Here are some of the many “ins” and “outs” of the new year:







Black Eyed Peas—–One Direction



Straightening hair—–Wavy hair

Pop music—–Dubstep

Highlights (hair)—–Colored strips (hair)

Nail polish—–Patterned nail stickers

Scene clothes—–Hipster clothes

Car stereos—–Subwoofers

PCs—–Mac laptops


David Guetta—–Aviccii


Plain nails—–Sparkly nails


Plastic bottles—–Reusable bottles

Feathers (hair)—–Tinsel


Planking—–Kitty face

“Yum”—–“Nom nom nom”

Angry Birds—–Temple Run


Thick crust pizza—–Thin crust pizza


Friendship bracelets—–Beaded rave bracelets


Long nails—–Short nails

Sean Paul—–Nicki Minaj

“That’s so cool”—–“That’s so fetch”

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The School Newspaper of Presentation High School.
Out with the Old. In with the New!