Honest Reviews of Your Favorite Pres Shoes

Honest Reviews of Your Favorite Pres Shoes

Megan Munce, Online Editor


When St. Paul said “be imitators of God,” I’m not so sure he was talking about copping Jesus’ shoe style. Nevertheless, the 70s are back at Presentation High School. (The 1770s, that is. Birkenstocks are actually two years older than America itself.)

However, these shoes do offer lots of foot support and mold to your feet after you wear them for a while a-la-Rainbows. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to show off your cool patterned socks (just not around Ms. Schrader), Birks are the perfect shoe for you! As a person who always has to sit in the weirdest position that was not intended for the chair at all, I appreciate being able to slide out of my shoes and tuck my feet under me or balance them precariously on the seat in front of me.



Converse of any color are a classic that can go with any outfit and should be a staple in every Pres girl’s closet. Whether you want to stick with the classic white or black or reach for a funky pink colored plaid, there are tons of color combinations for you to choose from to make your Converse reflect your personality. Comfort wise, they don’t offer a lot of arch support, but are still comfortable enough to take you from the 200 building to the main office while being secure enough to also accompany your next hour long college tour.

However, that security can also backfire. If someone flat tires you in the hallway, good luck trying to slip your Converse back on quickly without getting trampled by the stampede at your back during passing period.



I understand Uggs. When California winters drop to a biting 60 degrees, they’re a handy thing to have in your closet to keep your feet and lower calves from experiencing major frostbite (or perhaps possible just a chilly breeze). However, here’s my question: why wear them when it’s 90 degrees outside? Trying to wear Uggs on a Tuesday that clocked a high of 93 was absolute torture. There is no reprieve for sweaty Ugg feet and to make things worse, you’re also probably wearing long thick socks because if you wore regular socks, they would probably end up slipping off your ankles and getting lost somewhere down there between your foot and the fur.



The best part of wearing slides is when they slide across the tile in the main building and you can shuffle your way to class. Other than that, wearing slides offers the same benefits of being able to slip your shoes on and off like Birks. Plus slides are an easy shoe to just throw on in the morning, especially if you’re planning to change into a different pair of shoes after school for a game or practice.

However, I’ve also been stuck behind one too many girls on the stairs who’ve lost their slide and had to go back to grab it against the flow of traffic, not to mention the possibility of tripping when your foot goes straight through the front of the shoe.


Athletic Shoes

I’m a strong proponent of the “I look like I’m going to the gym but I’m actually going to the grocery store” look, and that manifests in Pres girls rocking their favorite athletic shoes at school. Especially for athletes, wearing your sports shoes to school makes it easy to hit up a quick Crossfit session after school or quickly transition into your sports practice. They’re also a little less rigid that Converse are, meaning if they come off your feet you can easily slip them back on without having to pull to the side of the hallway. They also offer great support for your feet (especially if you’re planning a long walk home or to Starbucks after school).



In the third grade, my favorite pair of shoes was a pair of rainbow Crocs. Thus, I refuse to review them as a viable shoe for high school.