Luna Mexican Kitchen Food Review

Nicole Morgan, Sports Editor

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Recently, Jo Lerma-Lopez and John Lopez, parents of Presentation senior Bella Lopez, opened Luna Mexican Kitchen on the Alameda. This restaurant has taken the place of the once well-known San Jose eatery, Las Palmas.

The website of Luna Mexican Kitchen states that their mission is “to share our passion for authentic Mexican food made with clean ingredients that nourish both our bodies and our spirits.” Well, they definitely delivered on this promise.

The building itself conveyed a modern take on an old-fashioned Mexican food restaurant, with an adobe tiled roof and intricate Spanish detailing on the door. Inside, the furnishings were both contemporary and traditional, a nod to their Mexican influences. The outdoor seating had lights strung across the awnings and striped umbrellas, creating a very comfortable atmosphere.

The waiters were amicable and extremely helpful, directing me to their most popular food items. I ordered a watermelon agua fresca and a bowl of guacamole to start.

The agua fresca ($3.50) was exactly as advertised. It was refreshing and tasted strongly of watermelon juice. The guacamole ($9.50) was creamy and smooth with lots of avocado and light seasoning.

For the main course, I relied on the waiter’s suggestions of the most popular meals and ordered the chicken enchiladas ($11.00), as well as the “Buddha bowl” with chicken ($9.00). The “Buddha bowl” is a vegan option that includes quinoa, sweet potatoes, avocado, black beans, salsa, and chipotle sauce.

Both the enchilada and the bowl were very light and flavorful. My only complaint is that the enchilada was a little too spicy for my taste, but I attribute this to my very low threshold for spice. Both meals lived up to Luna’s mission to provide healthy Mexican food-inspired meals.  

For dessert, I decided to try the buñuelos ($6.00). Their menu describes them as “a sweet warm fried fritter with house made whipped cream, seasonal berries, and organic vanilla ice cream.”  

The buñuelos were presented beautifully, with strawberry and caramel drizzle on top and fresh-cut strawberries as a garnish. The combination of the ice cream and the fritter was delicious, and it reminded me of a crispier version of a churro.

My experience at Luna Mexican Kitchen was overall very enjoyable. The ambiance was aesthetically pleasing and welcoming, and the service was delightful. The food lived up to both the restaurant’s message and my expectations, and I will be sure to go back again sometime soon.