Let’s Tac-About Tac-Oh!


Victoria Capobianco

The Crunchy Avocado (right) and Carnivale (left) along with chips and salsa at Tac-Oh!

          Most Pres girls associate Lincoln Avenue with their go to destination for a burger or afternoon fro-yo run. But recently, Lincoln Avenue welcomed a new restaurant that is quickly attracting foodies from all over Willow Glen.

        On August 26, Tac-Oh! opened its doors to the public. The tagline, which advertises “Mexican comfort food,” gave me the initial impression of rich, home-cooked style Mexican cuisine. Luckily, after trying Tac-Oh! for myself, I learned the restaurant surpassed my expectations.

        I strolled into Tac-Oh! on a Saturday afternoon for lunch and was happy to be seated right away. As soon as I walked in, I noticed that the restaurant is fairly small which makes the tables close together. Therefore, I would not recommend trying out Tac-Oh! with a large group of friends as most tables only seat 2-4 people.

       However, what the building lacks in size, it makes up for in décor. The design is very fresh and minimalist with white walls, red and black furniture and small, chandelier-like lighting fixtures. This set-up provided a nice, bright looking and welcoming atmosphere.

       After sitting at my table, I glanced over the menu and was surprised with the variety in dishes. I quickly realized that this is not your average Mexican restaurant. The menu is set up with an array of appetizers, tacos and jumbo burritos.

      The tacos are stuffed with fresh ingredients that you would never find in your signature Chipotle order. For example, the Grexican added a Greek take on the typical taco by including  tzatziki, shaved gyro, pickled red onion, mint, parsley, green onion, pico de gallo, and radishes.  There are also more classic tacos like the Plain Jane Chicken which has chicken, black beans, Spanish rice, jalapenos and lettuce.

        I decided on ordering two tacos, the Carnivale and Crunchy Avocado. When my food arrived, all the ingredients looked very fresh and smelled amazing! The Carnivale contained marinated carnitas along with iceberg lettuce, onions, cilantro and avocado crema. I loved this taco because all the ingredients combined perfectly together. The hot carnitas contrasted with the cold lettuce to create a delicious taco!

      The Crunchy Avocado was perfectly named as it had fried avocado, which was cooked to perfection and provided a nice crunchy bite to complement the arugula and pico de gallo.

      The cost of the tacos was a little more than expected as they were priced at two tacos for $12 or three for $16. However, I thought the freshness and delicious taste made the tacos worth the money.

    Although you will end up paying more than ten bucks for a meal,  the savory food is totally worth it. The relaxed atmosphere and tempting tacos made for a great lunch spot and I hope to go back to try more of their creative takes on Mexican cuisine.

      Before going straight to your favorite fro-yo spot the next time you are on Lincoln Ave, grab a meal at Tac-Oh! for delectable dishes that surely won’t disappoint.