The Hunger Games: Diet Edition


Now, we’ve all heard of normal dieting habits like going vegan or vegetarian, but have you ever thought about eating like a caveman from the Paleolithic times? A lot of people have and are now following what’s called the Paleo diet, just one of many new eating plans that are becoming more trendy–and maybe a little risky.


Are you in love with the idea of cozying up by the fire in nice fuzzy socks and a cup of tea in your hands? If so, the teatox diet may be for you. Teatoxes are being advertised everywhere but other than looking very “Tumblr,” what do they have to offer?

Cleanses like SkinnyMe Tea claim to amp up average teas by filling them with nutrients that promise “results such as weight loss, detoxification, and increased energy,” according to But during a teatox, you are still meant to eat a normal and healthy diet even if you are trying to lose weight.

However, for certain teatoxes the effects can be terrible and include cramping and diarrhea, and many customers of SkinnyMe Tea have written reviews claiming they threw up and experienced fatigue, none of which are supposed to happen. Because of these growing complaints, the company has even warned people to stop drinking the tea every day. If you really love tea, then give it a try, but use precaution.

Juice Cleanse

If you’re a true juice fanatic, surviving on solely juice for a few days may sound fun, but is it really worth it? The point of a juice cleanse is to clean your system of toxins that may build up with all the processed foods that we, Americans, know and love. But your kidneys kind of do that for you already, so are there other benefits?.

Most juice cleanses last about a week; during this time you go from just drinking juices to adding more vegetables, meats and nuts to your meals as the days pass. A juice cleanse is not supposed to be accompanied with a lot of exercise, rather it’s meant for relaxing, so don’t overexert yourself… you don’t want to chew off your hand from hunger.

These cleanses are supposed to help you effectively lose weight, but according to the Huffington Post, juice cleanses are just not always healthy. “Like most fad diets, a juice fast is not an effective way to lose weight and keep it off. Will you lose weight? Probably — you’re cutting out all of the fat from your diet and drastically lowering your caloric intake. But you’ll most likely put it right back on after the fast.” Though juice cleanses may seem rewarding, the old school gym and weights may be even more effective.

Raw Food Diet

This diet sounds pretty scary and a little cannibalistic. Don’t worry, it’s not. In the raw food diet, your meals should be 70 to 80 percent raw, or less than 115°F. You eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, raw almond butter, sprouts and nuts. Some people even try unpasteurized milk and cheese, raw fish and some raw meats.

If you’re afraid about trying this out, just know that people have been doing it since the 1800s. In a 2005 study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers compared 18 people on a strict raw food diet with 18 on a typical American diet. After four years, body mass index, a measure of body fat, and stomach fat were lower among those in the raw food group than those in the other group. The raw food diet is actually better than going on a small cleanse because of its long term results. You are not only eating healthier but also preventing yourself from yo-yo dieting.

But of course, it’s not all fun and games. During a raw food diet, because you don’t cook your foods, most bacteria is not destroyed, which can lead to food-poisoning. So if you’re going to try this, handle your raw food with care. This diet is pretty strict, but it can definitely be rewarding.

Paleo Diet

If you could time travel, what year would you go to? How about going to a prehistoric time in the Paleolithic Era? Today, many people are trying to emulate the same nutrition that our very distant ancestors had by eliminating gluten and dairy and excluding many everyday items. Sorry girls, but Paleolithic people did not make coffee, so forget about Starbucks. But the upside of this diet is that it is comprised of lean meats and healthy fats like avocado, so Californians are already on track with the diet. With a few more restrictions, you could be on your way to eating like a prehistoric human.


As with all diets, proceed with caution. Ask yourself if this is a meal plan that’s realistic for you, your body type, your lifestyle and your budget.