Got Oreos?

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Got Oreos?

Leah DiBenedetto

Leah DiBenedetto

Leah DiBenedetto

Leah DiBenedetto, Reporter

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Everyone loves Oreos, “milk’s favorite cookie.” Its classic, delicious, crunchy, chocolate cookie and the sweet, smooth frosting on the inside have captured the hearts of millions. But if all you’ve ever tried is the standard Oreo, you’re missing out. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you. Here’s a list of the top 8 weirdest and most delicious Oreos.

1. Berry Oreo:

Perhaps one of the most unusual Oreos, the berry Oreo is filled with sweet frosting on the inside that tastes mostly of strawberries. Unfortunately, the filling was too artificial and just did not flatter the delicious cookie, this Oreo definitely received a thumbs down.

2. Mint Oreo:

Next, the Mint Oreo has often been compared to the Girl Scout cookie “Thin Mints”. These are perfect if you are a Thin Mint junkee, but you want them year around! It has a light green sugary mint frosting and the cookie. Who doesn’t love the mint-chocolate combination?

3. Peanut Butter Oreo:

What if Reese’s and Oreo had a baby? That is the perfect description of the Peanut Butter Oreo. It is the perfect combination of nutty peanut butter and decadent chocolate all wrapped up in one small cookie.

4. Chocolate Oreo:

Are you chocolate crazed, maybe even a little obsessed? Then this is the perfect oreo for you. It is simply filled with the creamy chocolate frosting on the inside and the classic chocolate cookie. The chocolatey overload will explode in your mouth leaving you with a mouth-watering sensation.

5. Golden Oreo:

The Golden Oreo is rather unusual due to its golden cookie instead of the classic chocolate. It is an extra sweet cream filled vanilla cookie. These cookies are often overlooked on the shelf due to its different cookie, and for good reason because it tends to be sweetness overload.

6. Birthday Cake Oreo:

The Birthday Cake Oreo is very easily distinguished from any other by its is potent sweet vanilla scent that could aromate any room. It has the same sweet vanilla cream center, except as the fun “birthday” bonus it has rainbow sprinkles mixed in, providing color and lusciousness in every bite.

7. Double-Stuffed Oreo:

For those of us who love separating the classic Oreos and then licking out the frosting, this Double-Stuffed Oreo provides double the sugary, mouth watering frosting on the inside. This cookie is simply, double the delicious.

8. Triple-Double Oreo:

Finally, the Triple-Double Oreo, perhaps one of the most decadent, finger-licking, melt in your mouth cookies known to man. This delicious creation is the chocolate Oreo and the classic Oreo together. This unstoppable creation speaks for itself and leaves every eater wanting much more than just one.