What I Want from the Gilmore Girls Revival


Madeline Whitney, A&E Editor

November 28th. The day we all finally get to wander back down the main street in Stars Hollow for the first time in nine years, and I for one couldn’t be more excited.

On that day, Gilmore Girls is returning to Netflix for a special four-part series that explores the life of the Gilmores eight years after the series finale.

Until I am able to settle into my couch with a large cup of coffee, I’ve decided to go back and set my expectations, hopes, and desires for the revival of our favorite mother and daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory, along with the rest of the Stars Hollow clan.

For one, the main thing I want out of the revival is coffee and lots of it.

Gilmore Girls allowed me to accept my coffee addiction, through the gurus that are Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel), and learn to love coffee at any hour of the day.

Now let’s get the most obvious expectation out of the way. Lorelai and Luke need to be together. Period. End of story.

From the dynamic banter throughout the series to the budding relationship formed throughout, I have little doubt in my mind that they are soulmates.

The first trailer pretty much confirms this with many scenes including Luke and Lorelai together and Lorelai mentioning it, which basically makes me jump off the walls with happiness.

Show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has confirmed that Luke and Lorelai are not yet married in the revival, but to fans like me, I see a good chance of witnessing their dream wedding.

With the theme for the revival being “A Year in the Life”, I hope and pray we get a large mix of the many seasonal festivals that define the charm of Stars Hollow. My personal favorites that I hope they include are the 24-hour Dance Marathon, the Bid on a Basket, and the Founder’s Festival.

As you may be able to tell from my favorite Stars Hollow traditions, I have a clear preference of which of Rory’s three ex-boyfriends is the best–Jess–but I honestly do not believe that Rory should end up with any of her past boyfriends

To all the lovers of Dean, let me first focus on the fact that he started his time in Stars Hollow as a casual stalker of Rory. Following her around and constantly asking Lane about Rory, it was straight creepy.

Once they finally did get in a relationship, my opinion of Dean did not raise even an inch. Dude was aggressive with a capital A. I get that Tristan was a jerk, but punching him at the dance to “protect Rory” was just messed up.

In addition to physical violence, Rory lived in constant fear of doing something that would upset Dean throughout their relationship in the first two seasons, obviously not a sign of a healthy relationship.

And it’s also kind of hard to ignore him getting married at eighteen and then having an affair with Rory to ruin his marriage.

Out of the three boys, Dean is clearly in last place, but Jess and Logan are just a hair ahead of him.

Jess was honestly a mess. I remember watching his storyline and loving the bad boy vibes he gave off, but looking back he kind of sucked. He caused Luke so much trouble and Rory had to fight with him to get him to do anything. Frankly, Rory deserves better than that.

On Jess’ heels is Logan, the preppy, uber-wealthy Yale student that charmed Rory, stood by her while she dropped out of school to finish her community service for a crime he helped her commit, and then proposed to her on the day she graduated from college (she said no, thank goodness). While Rory and Logan seem like a pretty good fit, he  should not be endgame  for Rory.  

For one, he is a downright bully, and two, Rory could not accept his proposal. If something felt off then with their relationship, expecting everything to have worked itself out beautifully eight years later is a little crazy.

In my perfect version, Rory is living out what she wants to do. Journalism may have been a little shaky for her for a while, but I would not be opposed to her being a world renowned reporter in the revival, and she needs no man to do that.

One of the components of the revival that I am most looking forward to is how they handle Richard Gilmore’s (Edward Herrmann) death. Herrmann, who played the beloved grandfather of Rory, father of Lorelai, and husband of Emily, died of brain cancer in 2014, and the first trailer has revealed that Richard is dead at the time of the revival.

My main hope is that Emily, Lorelai, and Rory will be able to move on from the death and celebrate their time with Richard, but I know that I, along with many other fans, will feel the absence of Herrmann in every second of the revival.

I know the loss will be very difficult for the three of them, but I hope that they are at a happier and  more settled place in their lives.

And that is, above all, what I really want for the revival. I just want the Gilmore girls to be happy, no matter what that entails.