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American Idol vs. The Voice

Robyn Naragon, Opinions Editor

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Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Philip Philips all have one thing in common: American Idol. The show that has been around since 2001 will remain one of the most well-known talent shows. But recently, the competition to find the best, new talent has grown larger. But has the audience size grown with it? Maybe they left when Simon Cowell did.

A few years ago, a small singing show called “The Voice” began airing on NBC. Instead of the process that American Idol uses where everyone moves through each round and the group is slowly cut down, the Voice has various competition stages.

Each judge on the Voice creates their own team during auditions where they are seated with their backs facing the contestants. This way, they are only judging the voice, not the singer’s appearance. The judges press the button on their chair to turn around if they like what they hear. From the judges that turned around, the contestants can choose which team they would like join.

But is the Voice becoming more popular than American Idol? According to Deadline Hollywood, American Idol’s viewership is down 33% from season 11. And according to TV by the Numbers, the Voice was voted “the #1 show of the night” in adults ages 18-49. Do people just not like American Idol? Maybe American Idol is just too old, and the Voice offers something new.

“I like the Voice better,” said junior Shefali Patel. “I feel like there’s more talent and it’s more talent based.” The blind audition can ensure that the judges like their contestants for their talent, not their looks. “I’ve never really watched either, but I think American Idol judges based more on looks and the Voice judges more on talent. American Idol takes the crowd pleasers,” said junior Brielle Douglas.

In addition to the Voice and American Idol, there are even more talent shows such as The X Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent and more. In order for one of these talent scout programs to rise above the others, they have to win over America’s TV lovers.

Sometimes the drama in the shows isn’t enough to keep viewers hooked. American Idol was known for the tension between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj last season and the friendly competition between singers on both shows is used as a device to attract watchers.

As Douglas said above, American Idol takes the “crowd pleasers” which can probably explain why some of the more outrageous contestants make it through, even when they’re not the greatest singers. Is this because their look will help?

For Pres girls, it can be difficult to squeeze live TV in with their crowded schedules. Junior Laura Duffy said, “I’m not really into ‘reality’ tv. I don’t have time to watch TV anyway, and when I do, I tend to gravitate toward other kinds of shows.” Watching a show where people sing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and with the world of TV today, each show has to bring something new to the table in order to survive.

The LA Times released on Sept. 3 that American Idol’s new judges will be Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez. In Spring 2014, The Voice will have Shakira and Usher join Adam Levine and Blake Shelton for cycle 6. Both shows discover new talent and provide the chance of stardom to many dreamers, but only one can be number one.

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American Idol vs. The Voice