Pres Theater Roundup

Mia Hernandez, Reporter

Senior Showcase?

In the wake of the cancellation of the spring play, The Odyssey, there is talk of putting together a Senior Showcase, a concert for senior performers to have one last show.

This proposed showcase would give theatric members of the class of 2017 an opportunity to showcase their talents in place of a play.

Senior ITS officer Ashley Stephens is spearheading the effort to organize this event, which she says will be comprised of songs, scenes, dance numbers, monologues, or poems chosen by the senior performing them. It will be non audition.

The importance of having this last opportunity for seniors to share their talent and passion is important, Stephens says:, “[It is] for those seniors who have put in so much time and effort into the Presentation Theater Program.”

Snip-its Scandal

Whether or not you’re a devoted theater lover, everyone knows that what occurs on the stage is not always PG.

Historically, Pres has tried to steer clear of extremely inappropriate themes in shows, but occasionally the Valenzuela Theater is home to some scandal. Last month, the ITS Snip-its show, “Not Your Grandma’s Snip-its,” stirred up controversy with its risque themes, which eventually led to some changes on its second day.

Specifically, Performing Arts Director Jim Houle, along with members of the administration, decided to cut the musical number “Dogfight” (from the off Broadway musical of the same name). Lyrics include sexually explicit language, swear words, and references to prostitution.

The struggle of balancing artistic expression and appropriateness is not a new one to the Presentation theater department and compromises have been successfully made in the past.

In 2015, the theater put on an original production of #Headcase, written by Houle. This show contained mature themes such as bullying, suicide, and sexual harassment.

Just this fall, A Chorus Line was performed at Pres for our main musical and it featured adult themes, and some explicit language. Some words were censored for their extreme nature, but most of the original show was left intact.

However, there has always been a line in the sand. No f-bombs are ever allowed on the Pres stage and given our religious and Catholic status the use of “God” is also not allowed in a blasphemous manner.

While these compromises between original artistic material and appropriateness have been made previously, in this instance the song in question would have had to be excessively edited or cut.

Vice President of Student Activities Tim Case says, “While artistic expression is important and valued, as evidenced by the nature of this particular ITS show, there is certain content that both the administration and the Theater Department agree is not appropriate for the stage in light of the school and program’s mission.”

These views are shared by the Administration as well as the Theater Department. Houle says, “I believe that students should find their voice and express themselves, however,when you’re in somebody else’s house, you abide by their rules.”

From Stage to Screen

Come see alumnae, parents, and friends of Pres perform songs from some of your favorite musicals like Wicked, Rent, Matilda, and The Little Mermaid in their show From Stage to Screen. Performances run on March 31, April 1,2,7,8, and 9 and tickets are only $10. All proceeds go back to Pres!