7 Advantages to Being in Theater

For all you performers out there, you know that there is nothing more fun than being on stage. And even though being in a theatrical production requires long hours of rehearsal, memorization, and hard work, there are definitely way more pros than cons. Here are seven (although there are many more) advantages to being in theater!


1. You have no problem talking to a crowd.

Public speaking may be the number one fear in America, but that does not apply to you. Forget getting up in front of your peers, you’ve had to perform for hundreds of strangers before. Giving a speech for English class? Easy peasy.


2. You’re basically a mini-celebrity.

Okay, so you may not be Meryl Streep, but as far as the audience can tell, you’re the closest thing to a professional actor they’ve seen. On any given day, you may just be the introverted girl walking around campus, but during your moment in the show, you’re a superstar.



3. Memorizing information becomes second nature.

After having to memorize lines and lines and lines of dialogue in a short amount of time, nothing else seems hard. You’re a step ahead when it comes to studying for tests, because you don’t have to bother going through the painful process of color coding flashcards. Read your notes a couple times, and you’re gold.



4. You are LOUD.

Not everyone in theater is necessarily super loud and extroverted, but when you need your voice to be heard, you know how to project. Others may have difficulty raising their volume, but now that you’ve had so much practice belting in front of an audience, “quiet” is not in your vocabulary.



5. You’re an expert at doing your hair and makeup.

In the movies, you may see glamorous theater stars being followed around by professional hairstylists and makeup artists, but that is so not the case for most theaters. Unless you’re on Broadway, you have to do all the curling and hair spraying and eyeshadow-ing yourself. It may seem tedious, but now whenever you go out with your friends, you look #flawless.



6. Your cast becomes your family.

Ask anyone in theater, the best thing about being in a production is the people. After being together for hours every day for months, you can’t help but get close. And everyone knows that they have each others’ backs, on and off the stage.



7. There is never a dull moment.

Rehearsals may seem long at times, but with the running around backstage to the yelling by the director, to all the laughs that you share with the cast, at the end of the day, it doesn’t seem so bad.