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Dancing Queen: Jackie Lee

photo from jackie lee

Lindsay Vong, asst. editor, a&e

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The adrenaline rushes, center stage spotlights, makeup, spandex and sequins galore. The fabulous life of a dancer sounds so glamorous and girlie to the outside eye. But the life of a Presentation High School Dance Team dancer is not just about the sparkles and sunshine. Imagine practicing for hours on end, stretching and pushing your body to run choreography over and over almost every day all year round, including summer. These girls are amazingly tough but still remain outstandingly graceful and poised.

Though every dancer on the team contributes something unique, appreciated and valued, one dancer in particular has awed audiences across the United States. Like a typical Pres girl, she watches One Tree Hill, eats chicken nuggets, and loves her photography class. But unlike most of us, Jackie Lee been dancing for nearly 14 years and has won a numerous amount of prestigious dance titles.

Recently she’s claimed the title of Miss Dance of California 2009 and this year alone won first place at all USA regional competitions for her solo, fifth place for her solo at the Contest of Champion Nationals in Florida, and placed top 10 in solos at USA Nationals in Los Angeles.

She says, “Whenever I perform, I’m always nervous but really happy to just be on stage. Dancing and performing is my outlet. My favorite part about dancing is going on stage and just forgetting about everything.  Whenever I dance, I completely forget about all my problems and fears.”

But unlike an attention seeking diva, Jackie remains true to her Pres team. When asked how she would describe Pres dance she simply stated “Fun. Family. Dedication.”

“My favorite part about dancing at Pres is being a part of a family.  The dance team is so tight knit and close, it makes dancing that much more special and enjoyable.”

As a dedicated part of the team, she works hard as part of the captain team with seniors Courtney Quinn, Erin Kelm, and Nicole Olerich. “We’ve grown so close over the past few months and I know I can go to them for anything.”

Jackie has decided to continue dancing after high school. “I’m hoping to go to a college that has a really good competitive dance team, but if that doesn’t happen I’ll probably just take classes at a studio wherever I am,” Lee said, “I do plan to try out for So You Think You Can Dance next year when I’m 18 though!”

So girls, this isn’t the last you’ll see of this stellar senior. Watch out for Jackie Lee because one day you just might see her name in the spotlight!

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Dancing Queen: Jackie Lee