New Summer Music


Ani Sedano, A&E Editor

  • Lana del Rey: Lust for Life (5/26)
    • Lana del Rey seems to be taking a slightly different turn with her new album, Lust for Life. A much happier looking Lana graces the cover of Lust for Life. Unlike with Born to Die, she seems to have a much more positive outlook on life. However, she still returns with her soothing vocals in new song, “Love,” where she once again sings about being young and in love. Although the vocals and overall sound are similar to previously albums, as seen with the titular song, “Lust for Life” (ft. The Weeknd), she’s taken a whole new outlook on life. Instead of singing about how we’re all doomed, she croons about how we control our own destiny. I for one welcome this shift and am glad that she has finally found herself.
  • Katy Perry: Witness (6/9)
    • Katy Perry seems to be going out of her norm with her upcoming album, Witness. It’s possible Perry is going after a new audience with different tastes based off of her latest releases. While a little strange, “Bon Appétit” (ft. Migos) has a catchy beat that you can easily dance to, although the lyrics themselves are a little odd. One of her other new songs, “Swish Swish” (ft. Nicki Minaj), is a house dance inspired single that many believe is a diss aimed at Taylor Swift, although Perry claims it is simply an anti-bullying anthem. Nicki Minaj is, unsurprisingly, the best part of this track but it’s still a song that could be played at any party.
  • Fleet Foxes: Crack-Up (6/16)
    • After a six year hiatus, the Seattle indie folk band is finally returning with their new album, Crack-Up. The title stems from the 1936 collection of essays by F. Scott Fitzgerald, whose main essay begins with “Of course all life is a process of breaking down,” which I believe may give an inkling into the overall tone of the album. Going off of the already released opening song, “Third of May/Ōdaigahara,” the Fleet Foxes seem to be returning to their guitar based roots and angelic harmonies that make you feel like you’re in the middle of a Washington forest. Lead singer Robin Pecknold himself suggests listening to the album at full blast while driving to “somewhere nice,” so start making plans for June 16 because based on the feeling brought about by both the video for “Fool’s Errand” and the song itself, you’re going to want to follow his advice.
  • Lorde: Melodrama (6/16)
    • The teen idol seems to have grown up during her hiatus, making her welcome return with her sophomore album, Melodrama. In an interview with The New York Times, Lorde said the album is based on “various moods experienced at a single house party.” Going off of that and her two already released songs, “Greenlight” and “Liability,” this album is going to go through a wide range of emotions. “Greenlight” is much more of an upbeat ballad of sorts that’s been stuck in my head since it first released. On the other hand, “Liability” takes on a much slower pace with an introspective tone, accompanied only by a piano. No matter which way this album goes, I have been patiently awaiting Lorde’s second release for a few years and I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever she puts out.