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Justin Timberlake–The 20/20 Experience

Leah DiBenedetto, Reporter

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Guess who doesn’t even need opening acts at his concert? That’s right, Justin Timberlake on his 20/20 Experience World Tour. Justin put on three straight hours of melodies, old jams and tribute songs for his massive audience on August 11th at the SAP Center.

He opened with “Pusher Love Girl” on part one of the 20/20 album and closed the show with his #1 rated song on iTunes, “Mirrors.” The concert featured a laser show, the rising of his stage across the entire SAP Center audience and a tribute song to both the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

Timberlake consistently rocked the stage with his incredible dance moves, hitting high pitched notes and interacting all areas of the crowd. Not only was there incredible music, but a man in the front row proposed live to his girlfriend of two years and Timberlake sang a special “happy birthday” to an 8 year old boy who happens to be “Justin’s biggest fan from Bay Area,” according to his parents.

Never have I been to a concert with such energy; I could have stayed for another three hours in the SAP center just watching him sing and dance. His songs were stuck in my head for the next week. I would absolutely see him again and I recommend a Justin Timberlake show to everybody.

Overall, I think everyone can agree that Justin Timberlake will continually rock his concerts and shows excessive love for his audience and fans at every event.

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Justin Timberlake–The 20/20 Experience