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Fans say “Yes” to Taylor Swift

Olivia Proffit

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On Friday, Sept. 2, Taylor Swift performed to a crowd full of people wearing cowboy hats, plaid shirts, leather boots and white dresses. Was this wannabe country crowd pleased with the much anticipated performance? It would seem so.

The country concert at the HP Pavillion was a colorful confection perfect for her audience of mostly young girls.  From the second the curtain was drawn, the screaming crowd was transported to a far away land of a fairytale and they never stopped dancing.

With half of a dozen dancers behind her and glitter falling from the ceiling, Swift certainly looked the part of a princess. She changed outfits at least every other song and each was gorgeous. At the start of the show, she wore a sparkling gold flapper dress to get the entire audience’s attention. Each following outfit, of course, was highly fashionable. However, the best one was the beautiful blue gown donned when she slowed down the concert by playing “Back to December” on the piano.

She started the night off strong, rising up through the bottom of the stage singing “Our Song,” a definite crowd pleaser. The second she began singing, the crowd did as well. Most of the playlist came from her latest album, “Speak Now,” released in 2010.She mixed in a few songs from her first album, however, it does not matter how old a Taylor Swift song is because it never actually ages.

Towards the end of the concert, Taylor walked across the pavilion to a slowly spinning platform where she sat and played songs solo. She was given a ukulele, instead of a guitar, and surprised the audience by singing “Good Riddance” by Green Day, which happened to be better than the original.

After “Good Riddance,” she performed the song “Better than Revenge,” which was possibly the most enjoyable song of the evening. As she sang, sparks lit up the stage. The crowd gave the applause that song deserved by cheering more than any of the other songs she performed. Following was the song “Speak Now,” which was appropriately acted out by playing a pretend wedding on stage.

Right before the encore, she belted the song “Long Live.,” which she explained to the audience was different than her other love songs. This particular song is about preforming for fans and how much she enjoys it. It was a good performance, but not good enough to convince the crowd that the show was officially over.

Almost the entire stadium stayed in their seats, cheering, after the song was sung. She came out again to nobody’s surprise and ended with “Love Story.” She ran around the stage while the dancers hung from the ceiling by ropes doing tricks. It was the perfect way to end such an amazing night.

Her connection to the audience and the genuineness of her words truly made the concert great. Each time a love song was performed, the audience could feel her pain, hate the men who made her cry and love the ones who made her smile. Swift sang her life away on that stage and it was noticeable. Her entire heart was put into making a great show and teaching girls to not make the same mistakes as she had.

Swift gave thanks continuously and showed much love to her fans. Unlike most other artists, she seemed to really mean it. Her embarrassed face every time the crowd roared let the audience form a connection. She was not just an incredibly famous star that night. She was a sincere and real person who everybody could relate to.

Even though her voice was naturally getting weaker as the concert went on, she never gave up trying to sing her hardest. When her voice got quieter, the crowd saved her. It seemed like every person in the pavilion knew every word to every song, even the old ones.

Taylor Swift’s fans seemed to be more than pleased at how the concert played out. She is an amazing performer and a dedicated singer. That night at the HP pavilion will always be remembered by nothing other than magical.

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Fans say “Yes” to Taylor Swift