The 5th Wave Movie Review


Honestly, I hadn’t heard about the book The 5th Wave until I saw the TV commercials about the new movie release. The novel by Rick Yancey was published in May 2013 and has been getting mainly positive reviews. It received starred reviews from both Publishers Weekly and Kirkus. They say that the book blurs the line between YA novels and Adult Fiction.

The story highlights the details of a teenage girl named Cassie Sullivan who is forced to give up her normal teenage life of crushes and tests when the aliens, aka “the others,” come to her planet. They release five waves of terror meant to kill the human race.

The first wave: a blackout. That means no light, no televisions, no cars, and definitely no cell phones (gasp!). The second wave: natural disasters like tsunamis or earthquakes. The third wave: an unbeatable avian flu. The fourth wave: the silencer. The silencers are aliens inhabited in the bodies of humans meant to kill anyone who survived.

The 5th Wave is about how Cassie teams up with Evan Walker, a dream hunk who’s good with a gun, in order to save her baby brother from “the others,” and the fifth wave.  

When I walked into the movie theater, I fully expected this to be a knock off of a knock off of The Hunger Games. I mean, a teenage girl having to fight for her life and finds love along the way. Been there done that. After coming out of the movie, I realized that The 5th Wave is exactly like that.

That said, immediately after I got out of the theater, I was on my phone Googling what happened to the beloved Evan Walker. Unfortunately, the last book is coming out in May, so that will remain a mystery. This movie, admittedly, had me on the edge of my seat, but don’t get me wrong, it also had had flaws. Many flaws.

Cassie Sullivan (If I stay’s Chloe Grace Moretz) starts out as a normal teenage girl who has a crush on the star quarterback Ben Parish (Nick Robinson of Jurassic World) and whose biggest worry was how to get him to notice her.

In the span of what seems like one month, her entire world falls apart. Her mother dies of avian flu, her father is shot in front of her eyes, her brother is taken away from her to only god-knows-where, and yet, she only breaks down once. Let’s be real, some people start screaming when the lights are inexplicably turned off in a room. If everything you held dear in the world was destroyed, you would be crying a few times a day.

Of course, nothing can go right for our heroine, so she gets shot in the leg. And of course like almost every novel released, the girl gets saved by a more than attractive man who  inexplicably falls in love with her. Evan Walker (Alex Roe The Calling) helps her heal her injured leg, and then they are off on an adventure to save her brother.

While Cassie and Evan are looking for her little brother, Sammy (Zackary Arthur Transparent), little children are being taken to a military base where they are drafted to the army. Quarterback Ben, along with Sammy, are being trained in the art of killing “the others.” My favorite person in this entire movie is a girl named Ringer who is stationed in the same squad as Ben and Sammy. Ringer makes me want to be as badass as she is. It has been known that there is a tremendous amount of sexual abuse in the army. Her response to this was “if anyone touches me, I’ll rip their throat out.” When one of the men suggested (in a very misogynistic way) that they play strip poker, she proceeded to punch him in the throat, effectively putting him in his place as I, along with the rest of the theater, cheered.

Up until this point, there were minor feelings between Evan and Cassie, but this is the part which cost the movie one star for me. Cassie wakes up to see Evan missing. She looks around and sees him bathing in a lake where she openly stares at him until he catches her looking. It is at that point she decides to convey her love for him. This scene made me want to rip my hair out because it alludes to people that girls are shallow and it didn’t matter that he had saved her life on multiple occasions, just that he had an amazing body.

My second problem with this movie was the language they used. I understand that it might be legal for them to use coarse language, but a movie rated PG-13 should not be dropping F-bombs, and I lost count of how many times Cassie said sh**. I wanted to reach over and cover the ears of some of the really young kids. I was honestly surprised that they were allowed to use this kind of language in a kid’s movie.

The casting for this movie gave me some serious shivers. Although I love Alex Roe and Chloë Grace Moretz as much as the next person, they did not complement each other. Roe is 25 years old, but looks like he’s pushing 30 while Moretz is 18 years old but looks like she’s sixteen in the movie. It gives me serious creeps watching these two kiss while he looks twice her age.

Also, Evan Walker kills four people with his bare hands, but Alex Roe looks like he couldn’t hurt a fly. Evan is supposed to be a badass guy who protects Cassie from the evil aliens, but Roe looks like he would die in the first five minutes of this movie.

Overall, this movie gets a three out of five stars. There were characters whom I loved and moments that made me gag a little. I enjoyed the movie more than I thought I would and I definitely will be checking out the books, but I recommend waiting for The 5th Wave come out on RedBox or just watching it on megashare. The movie isn’t worth paying twelve dollars for.