Zoolander 2: A Movie for Kids Who Hate Quality Cinema


I sat down in the back row of an empty movie theater, hoping that Zoolander 2 would not be a terrible sequel. The movie wasn’t advertised a lot, and I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought with so many famous comedians, the movie had to be a least a little funny. I was horribly wrong.

The Zoolander sequel was nothing short of an atrocity. I cannot even begin to accept the fact that I will never get those 102 minutes of my life back. With a pointless plot, bad acting and shoddy graphics, I couldn’t wait for the movie to finish.

The story was focused on Derek Zoolander’s (Ben Stiller) relationship with his son, Derek Jr. (Cyrus Arnold). After Derek Zoolander’s Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good broke down three days after its opening, Zoolander lost not only his wife, Matilda Jeffries (Christine Taylor), but also the custody of his son.

He went into a depression and quit modelling “forever.” But as expected, he reenters the modeling world, when he is invited to Rome to model Alexanya Atoz’s (Kristen Wiig) newest line. By taking the modeling gig, he would be considered a contributing member of society and hopefully get his son back.

During his trip in Rome, Zoolander Sr. reconnects with his son. To his surprise, Derek Jr. is the opposite of what the modelling industry promotes – he is fat. Zoolander is unable to accept the fact that he has a fat son, but eventually after a lot of pointless reflection and a push from best friend Hansel McDonald (Owen Wilson), Zoolander is able to love his son once again.

The almost endearing tale of a father and son reconnecting was totally undercut by the amateur script and tasteless production. The story was sidetracked by multiple different events, like the evil fashion mogul Mugatu’s (Will Ferrell) escape from prison, Hansel’s baby mama drama and countless celebrity appearances.

Additionally, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the movie’s portrayal of transgender people. Many argue that the new world famous super model All (Benedict Cumberbatch) mocks the LGBTQ community. When Derek Zoolander asks All if he is a man or woman, All responds saying, “All is all.” The statement clearly makes a joke of transgender people by not assigning a gender to Cumberbatch’s character. However, I don’t think the joke needs to be taken seriously.

The original Zoolander and the sequel both portray supermodels and fashion tycoons as idiots. This statement serves as another example of Zoolander’s inability to comprehend topics outside of his already narrow schemas.

After all, Zoolander 2 was not meant to be a comedic masterpiece with ingenious jokes and a creative message. It was simply a continuation of an already pointless story.