A Quiet Place Review


Kav Lakshmi, Reporter

Today, the world is loud. Phones ring, people chatter, music is always playing, and sometimes silence can be refreshing. But not for the characters of A Quiet Place.

Directed by The Office’s John Krasinski and written by Krasinski, Scott Beck, and Bryan Woods, A Quiet Place is a horror film released earlier this month  about a family of four who are forced to live in silence to hide from creatures who hunt through sound.

The cast is made up of Krasinski himself, who plays Lee Abbott, the father of the family; his real-life wife Emily Blunt, who plays the mother of the family, Evelyn Abbott, and is pregnant with their third child for much of the movie; Millicent Simmonds, a deaf actress, who plays Regan Abbott, Lee and Evelyn’s deaf daughter; and Noah Jupe, who plays Marcus Abbott, Lee and Evelyn’s younger, hearing son.

Krasinski’s third directorial credit, but his first for a major studio, A Quiet Place is a new kind of horror movie, like Don’t Breathe and Get Out (both inspiration for this film), that ties social commentary into the overall theme of this movie. Krasinski himself says the movie serves as both a metaphor for parenthood and for the state of U.S. politics in 2018.

With a 96% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, it was obvious to me while watching it why this movie is so appealing to so many. Though the silence was not comfortable for the characters in the movie, it was so refreshing to see a different narrative on the screen.

Most of the movie is told through ASL, which Simmonds helped teach the cast, and this different form of communication is one audiences do not see often.

Furthermore, the focus on family was such a heartening portrayal of love. Though we may not understand why this family would be willing to live in fear this way, I believe it is because they are fighting for each other as their care for each other is so visible.

This movie was horror done right. As an avid horror fan, I get tired of seeing the same gore and kitschy horror on the big screen movie after movie, but this movie is what all horror should aspire to achieve.

The fear the viewer feels comes from our care for these characters and our desire for them to survive. And with that said, these character were also well-developed. In a movie as plot-heavy as this one, it is hard to find time to flesh out the characters, but A Quiet Place does not falter on that either.

Regan Abbott, the daughter of the family, is such a strong teenage girl and was easily my favorite of the movie. Her brother is much more the soft one and is so caring of his family. Both parents are so loving and, as stated by Krasinski, are “survivalists” who are fighting for their family.

Both the individual characters and the relationships between the characters were as powerful as every other aspect of the film.

A movie that ties together social commentary, good horror, and overall themes of love and family, A Quiet Place is easily one of 2018’s biggest hit movies and should go down as a horror classic for all future generations to watch.