Love, Simon Review


Kav Lakshmi, Reporter

“I like–I like your boots.”

A quote that has taken book lovers by storm, this is the most memorable line from the Love, Simon movie trailer.

Love, Simon, directed by Greg Berlanti, is a romantic drama releasing on March 16 based on the young-adult coming-of-age novel, Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli.

Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda follows the story of a 16-year old high schooler, Simon Spier, who is a closeted gay teen engaging in an email exchange with another gay teen known as “Blue” for the majority of the story. The novel focuses on the online relationship between Simon and “Blue” as well as trying to find out “Blue’s” identity, which the reader discovers at the end of the novel.

However, this novel also incorporates other aspects of Simon’s life, such as his family and friends. His parents, younger sister, and friends, notably his best friends—Nick Eisner, Leah Burke, and Abby Suso, are major characters in both the novel and Simon’s life.

Furthermore, much of the plot also centers around Simon being the victim of blackmail. An antagonist of his story, Martin Addison, discovers Simon’s emails to “Blue” and, because of his crush on Simon’s friend, blackmails Simon into setting him up with his crush, otherwise threatening to release the emails publicly and out Simon.

Simon vs. the Homosapiens Agenda is an adorable contemporary novel that deals with heavy themes and has proven revolutionary for many gay teens in the world.

The upcoming movie stars Nick Robinson as Simon Spier, Katherine Langford as Leah Burke, Alexandra Shipp as Abby Suso, and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. as Nick Eisner, with many more amazing actors to round out the cast.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to attend an early screening of the movie. Love, Simon is the perfect book-to-movie adaptation, staying loyal to the book while adding minor changes to give it its own authenticity.

The movie was hilarious, dramatic, romantic, and raw. Over the course of the two hours, I cried multiple times, laughed out loud, squealed at the cuteness, and felt a rollercoaster of emotions.

Love, Simon, like the novel, is both revolutionary as well as a brilliant movie.