Dance Company: New Kid on the Block


Photo Courtesy of Allyson Hineman

Isabella Granqvist, Reporter

When it comes to the world of Pres dance, there’s a new kid on the block. No, it’s not Dance Team; it’s Dance Company.

Dance Company is a relatively new organization, getting its start just last year. It began as a way for dancers to focus more on the performance aspect of dancing, so the company does not compete like Dance Team.  

When it began, there were only nine members. However, the group has quickly grown, reaching almost 20 members this year, including two dance captains!

“A lot of people get the wrong memo about Dance Company, because it’s kind of similar to Dance Team, but there are a lot of differences,” dance captain and senior Allyson Hineman said. “We don’t compete, it’s way more about performance and just having fun, and coming together as a group.”

Dance Company performs at schoolwide rallies, the talent show, Dance Cabaret, Spring Dance Concert and more. They perform jazz and hip-hop routines, as well as feature works by student choreographers.

Members of Dance Company are expected to take a ballet class every week, along with either a Jazz II or Jazz III class and rehearsals for their next performance, so they spend countless hours at school in the dance studio.

“We have to learn our dances really, really quickly, like we usually only have four rehearsals–four weeks, which is four hours, to learn and clean an entire dance,” dance captain and junior Pilar Mellon-Reyes said. “So it goes by really, really fast and you have to stay on top of it.”

As dance captains, Mellon-Reyes and Hineman help dance coach Sara Fugate clean dances, or work through the details of the dance together as a group. They’re also in charge of remembering choreography and helping the rest of the company with it if need be.

Mellon-Reyes added, “Pretty much all the beginner dancers are really gung-ho and totally into it, and they just want to get better… that’s really nice to see.”

Hopeful Dance Company members do not have to have prior dance experience to joining the company. This allows for a welcoming space for aspiring dancers, and offers room for people to discover dance as a new interest.

“Being able to participate in something and help other people maybe find their passion through dance, that’s really exciting…” Hineman said. “My sister’s on it too, so dancing with my sister one more year before I go off to college is really fun.”

Overall, Dance Company offers an inviting environment for dancers of a range of abilities with a good work ethic and a love for dance.

So next time Dance Company takes the stage, whether it be at Spring Dance Concert or a school rally, be sure to take notice and show your support!