These Are a Few Of Our Favorite Things

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Briana Gallo, Reporter

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  1. Food: We are all familiar with the smell of fresh Pres Cookies, Pres Bread and the consequential weight we gain from eating so much of it.
  2. Traditions: Being a Pres girl means joining the generations of students who sell magazines to their entire neighborhood for Mag Drive, laugh as their teachers perform at Feast and search their entire house for spare coins for Sacred Heart during the Drives.
  3. Uniform: Getting out of bed in the morning and knowing you can always wear your plaid skirt, four jackets and fuzzy blue, grey or white only socks is the best. #MLIP
  4. Activities: From sports to clubs and arts to sciences, Presentation offers countless new opportunities to choose from. The one, two or five activities we are involved in are a great way to explore our interests.
  5. Teachers: Our hearts are forever warmed by Ms. Dang’s banana nut bread and Ms. Lemon’s help to find CRP sources in the middle of several emotional breakdowns.
  6. Community: In bad times or outside of campus, Pres girls are always there for you. We are so lucky to be a part of a group of empowered women that empower each other.
  7. Personal Growth: Where else can you take care of a plastic baby for a day and learn how program computers like a boss? Pres teaches us to express ourselves, learn about ourselves and try new things.
  8. Not Words, But Deeds: Through the motto that is practically tattooed on our foreheads, we are encouraged to make an impact in community, and it becomes a lifestyle.
  9. Second home: Most of us spend more time here than with our own parents at home. No matter what, we will always love Pres.
  10. Blessed Nano Nagle: The fact that few people outside of Pres know much about Nano Nagle seems surprising because we have come to appreciate and love her so much. Our foundress is a truly an angel and model of faith and service to the community.