Must Watch: Stranger Things 2


Jacqueline Gill, Copy Editor


As expected, the phenomena that is Stranger Things has yet again swept over the nation. With over 3.7 million tweets just over opening weekend, Stranger Things has broke Twitter’s record for the most-tweeted about streaming show. Ever.

Stranger Things 2 continues the story of the residents of Hawkins, Indiana which culminated in season one when Eleven fought the Demogorgon, or the monster from the Upside Down World that Will (and Barb!) had been forced to hide in.

Mirroring the fact that the season was released right before Halloween, the show itself also begins right as Halloween is approaching.  

There were only two ways Stranger Things 2 could have gone: horrifyingly bad or ridiculously awesome. Sorry for the spoiler, but the new season may have even surpassed its high expectations.

Stranger Things 2 is chock-full of beloved 80s references, from Ghostbuster costumes to an iconic soundtrack with songs like “Whip It” by Devo. It is evident that the show’s creators, the Duffer brothers, gave painstaking attention to detail in order to blend the 80s scene with today.

This new season of Stranger Things focuses on building new relationships between different members of the old cast, as well as adding in dynamic characters.

The new characters plus the fact that Will has actual screen time this go around leads to a season two with an amazing plot and even better surprises.

California newcomer Max Hargrove (Sadie Sink) becomes the newest member of the core group of friends, although not without a fair share of conflict. Cough*Eleven*Cough.

Sadly, older brother Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) was given zero character development aside from being the token sociopath with a mullet that can only be described as spectacular. His only role was to make Steve look like less of a jerk, of course.

Steve. What a guy. Even I have to admit that the Duffer brothers managed to almost redeem him by the end of the season. Which is, in itself, a miraculous accomplishment, as he was the most despicable characters in the first season (and that includes the Demogorgon).

The scenes with Steve and Dustin – any scene with the two of them – were utterly hilarious. Shoutout to any poor soul who is not caught up yet: go watch these scenes on Youtube right now. It’s worth it.

Another new character who steals the spotlight is Bob Newby (Sean Astin) — pun-intended– who deserves everything in this world. The awkward Radio Shack employee is a walking, talking dad joke.

Despite some small flaws, Stranger Things 2 was worth all of the hype it got. Everyone had high expectations for this new season, but somehow, the Duffer brothers managed to pull it off.