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BodyWorlds is Back in San Jose

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Do you need something to do with your friends over the weekend? Are you bored of your weekly mall visit?

Maybe try traveling to the San José Tech Museum to explore the infinite possibilities of up and coming technologies. Body World and the Mindwave Reader are among the most interesting of the exhibits.

Body World is a famous exhibit that has been around for over 20 years. The display of preserved bodies, organs, nervous systems and skeletons have traveled all around the world and has now landed in San Jose as a permanent exhibit.

The San José Tech Museum puts a new spin on a fan favorite by adding interactive technology gadgets. These small details help to make this exhibit a completely unique experience.

As you walk into the exhibit you receive an interactive tablet that acts much like the “Pokémon Go” app. The tablet is a sort of virtual tour guide leading you through the exhibit by animating organs hidden throughout the displays.

Personally, the tablet did not enhance the experience for me. However, it is a cool feature that might aid a visitor’s learning if they are more intrigued by hand-held devices.

Once you enter the exhibit, you are welcomed by a full-scale cadaver of a male flamenco dancer. Being able to see a real human body stripped of skin  is one of the most interesting and at points unsettling experiences ever.

The displays allow you take a deeper look into the inner workings of the body by showing real blood vessels, organs, and appendages. The experience is surreal  and forces every individual to reflect on the inner workings of their own body.

Within the exhibit, the trench museum provides different instances to imagine yourself as one of the displays. Xbox live sensors are setup to animate your actions to show what your skeleton, muscles, and organs would like in the position that you are in.

One of the most interesting and poignant displays is an interactive table that displays two different dead bodies. The animations are accurately scaled avatars modeled after real patients who died of different diseases.

The table allows visitors to cut open organs and examine cadavers without dissecting corpses. This new technology has been used in hospitals and medical schools aiding in the educational process of medical students and doctors.

Body World  brings a new perspective on how the human body functions in our everyday life and how we as humans are capable to do spectacular things.


Mind Wave Reader

While at the museum I was also able to check out a brand new exhibit that highlighted the capabilities of the human brain. In order to participate, each person is asked to wear a headband probe that connects to your ear and forehead.

For 30 minutes, the probe measures your brain wave activity and highlights heightened activity within the brain. One’s brain waves are then organized into these key sections: group activity, anxiety, interest, and communication levels.

You are also given little hand held displays that suggest certain exhibits to visit that may cause certain emotions to be emitted. For example, my device recommended riding the roller coaster simulation to show heightened senses of anxiety.

After you are done, your information is put into a database that compares your statistics with people who had been analyzed as well.

Although this exhibit was not my favorite, I found the concept really interesting and would recommend this experience to anyone who would have a chance to try it.

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BodyWorlds is Back in San Jose