Study Break? Watch These!

Study Break? Watch These!

Mia Habib, Reporter

Because Pres girls are going to be turning in their iPads soon, now is the time to watch shows from Netflix or while we still can. In the event that you don’t know how to begin even choosing what to watch, here is a little summary of some contenders.

“Dear White People,” a satirical and dramatic comedy by Justin Simien, is an original Netflix show about a girl attending a primarily white Ivy League who starts a radio show to call out people who perpetuate the racial divide between white people and African Americans.  

The premise of the show revolves around the main character, Sam (Logan Browning), and her other colleagues of color as they deal with the variety of racial and other types of discrimination they face daily. While watching the first episode, my immediate impression was that the show was relevant to society’s problems as they were talking about very recent issues and using current terminology like staying woke.

It definitely seemed like something worth watching as it was very engaging from the get-go and did a good job displaying the range of passion people of color feel towards the racial divide I would absolutely watch another episode as I feel it’s super important to make efforts towards understanding what victims of racism truly face on a day to day basis, while also being a very entertaining show as well.

Another new Netflix offering is “Girlboss,” about a rebellious, broke 23-year-old living in San Francisco who randomly decides to start selling vintage clothes online. What makes this show stand out is its basis on the life of Sophia Amoruso, the CEO of Nasty Gal.

My first impression of this show was that it was going to be some random show about this girl’s experiences of making a living in the city on her own. Unfortunately, while the show was funny, and there was potential for it to get better with more episodes, I did not find the urge to keep watching more episodes. That being said, I would watch it again if I had nothing else to do, but I would not make a conscious effort to actually do so.

The last recommendation I offer to you is “Catastrophe,” now in its third season on Amazon (did you know that if your parents are Amazon Prime members that you can watch this show for free?).

Catastrophe focuses on Sharon (Sharon Horgan) and Rob (Rob Delaney), who meet while Rob is on a business trip in London. During their one- week love affair, Sharon accidentally gets pregnant and they decide to give their relationship a try. Once Rob moves to the UK, their lives clash in many ways as the two of them come to the conclusion that they don’t know a single thing about each other.

Due to its unique plot, I found it difficult to figure out what exactly my first impression was of the show, but I was open to sticking with it thanks to its great ratings. The reality of the situation paired with the writers’ ability to capture the sweet and stressful moments in such an unusual relationship made the show quite captivating from the very beginning, thus leading me to believe that it was worth another watch.  

Good luck with finals, and remember this review when you feel the urge to “take a mental break” from studying for 30 minutes or maybe accidentally five hours, we’ve all been there too