Dear Nano

Dear Nano

Emma Komar, Asst. Opinions Editor

Dear Nano,

I am a new freshman, and I’ve felt really ignored by my core group of friends recently. We still sit together at lunch, but they’ve been talking to so many new people lately that I feel like there’s no room left for me. Should I be worried?

~Left Out


Dear Left Out,

      I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve felt ignored recently. Entering high school can often mean changes in friend groups, which unfortunately can lead to lots of hurt feelings and drama. I can promise that you are not the only one that feels this way.

A good thing to start with is talking to your friends about how you feel. It is likely that they are not intentionally excluding you, but are just overwhelmed with the amount of people at Pres. Talking to them in a calm and rational manner can help lead them to explain their actions and help you come to an understanding.

Unfortunately, what you may discover is that they’re ready to move on…from you. If that’s the case, take some time to be sad and grieve the loss of your old friendships. But don’t think that your social life is over–it just needs some readjusting!

Try getting to know more people in your classes. Pres is full of interesting girls with lots to say, so try talking to that cool girl that sits next to you in history! Talking to new people may seem daunting at first, but most freshmen are probably just as nervous as you.

Getting involved in activities is another way to connect with more people–hanging out with people who are into volleyball or service or acting will give you common ground and a regular excuse to see each other. Give it time and new friendships will form.

Finally, remember that some girls may have come with a bunch of friends, but others came here alone. These girls will be really grateful for someone to talk to. Besides, some of your old group’s new friends might even blend with some of your new friends, so you can end up with an awesome combined friend group!

Try not to stress too much–everything will be okay in the end. Good luck with everything, and I hope your freshman year is awesome!



Dear Nano,

I feel like TV show options have been so dull recently. Netflix is my go-to when I’m not studying or playing soccer, but nothing seems interesting. Any series suggestions?

~Media Maniac


Dear Media Maniac ,

     You know Nano loves a good series to binge. Netflix is a super popular way to relax and de-stress, so it’s not surprising that you’re stuck in a TV show rut. Lucky for you, there’s actually a ton of exciting content out right now! Here are a few of my old and new favorites:

    • Stranger Things: This is a brand new show that was just added to Netflix, and it’s thrilling from start to finish. It’s only eight episodes long, so it’s a great show to spend an entire Saturday binge-watching. It follows a boy who is kidnapped by a monster and sucked into a parallel universe while his family and friends try to save him. If you’re into some mystery and don’t mind some scares, Stranger Things should definitely be added on your queue.
    • Gilmore Girls: This series is awesome because it’s centered around a hilarious mother-daughter duo that basically never stops talking. It has everything you could possibly be looking for in a TV show: drama, romance, small-town charm, and tons and tons of humor. You’ll get as addicted to this show as Lorelai Gilmore is to coffee (trust me).
    • Parenthood: If you’re into Modern Family, this show is a great pick for you. It focuses on four immediate families within one big one, and the acting is so good that you’ll be hooked by the end of the pilot. Guaranteed laughter, but also tears. Lots of tears. Seriously, grab your tissues.
    • Bob’s Burgers: Animated cartoons at their finest. Bob’s Burgers is about the daily, crazy adventures of a family that works in a burger shop. The utter awkwardness of family mixed with the antics of childhood will have you dying of laughter at least once every episode.

I hope you take me up on some of these recommendations, because I’m always open for four-hour conversations about my favorite shows. Happy binge-watching!