Remembering Taylor Swift

As you may have heard, singer Taylor Swift has decided to take a hiatus from music following the end of her 1989 tour. In honor of her (hopefully) brief break, The Voice wants to reflect on all of the good times her music has given us over the years.

The year is 2006, and your little elementary school self has just discovered the magic that is Tay. “Our Song” is probably the catchiest song you have heard in the entire 5-8 years of your life, and to this day you cannot deny that you know every single word to this song.

ts our songCreative Commons

But it didn’t stop there. “Teardrops on my Guitar” came out the same year, and this song was just too relatable. Your grade school crush wouldn’t give you the time of day, but he was chasing that other girl all around the playground and pulling on her pigtails. An obvious solution to this situation, you would sit alone and sing Taylor’s song, replacing “Drew” with the name of the boy you had a crush on. This may or may not have continued to middle school…or high school.

And then, Swift’s album Fearless came out two years later.

fearlesCreative Commons

There was “Love Story,” which you undeniably belted at the top of your lungs during recess, even though you probably weren’t that familiar with the Shakespeare analogy yet. 

“You Belong With Me,” another song to sadly sing about the boy we liked, came with the best music video on the planet. And constituted the basis of all our unrealistic dreams of the boy next door finally confessing his love at prom via a piece of paper with “I love you” written on it.

And though “Fifteen” didn’t come in handy until your freshman year, you know how excited you were when you could finally relate to this song. And, obviously, post a picture on your birthday with the caption “Cause when you’re fifteen <3.”

In 2010, the goddess did it again with her album Speak Now.

speak nowCreative Commons

A couple highlights from this album are the incredibly catchy “Enchanted,” another song chock-full of Instagram captions, and “Back to December,” one of Swift’s slow and moving songs…which probably moved you to tears at one point; most likely because you felt guilty about breaking the heart of your middle school boyfriend. We know, ladies, sixth grade breakups are tough.

And when you had your first kiss, “Sparks Fly” played in your head. Ok, maybe not. But you imagined it would.

Red came out in 2012, giving fans new hits like “Red” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

redCreative Commons

“Red” became one of the most fun songs to sing because of how she kind of imitated a sheep when she said red (Re-e-e-e-eeddd). Also, for all this year’s seniors, this song was definitely one of the anthems of freshman year.

“I Knew You Were Trouble” revealed a side of Swift that nobody had really ever seen before. And, like “Red,” it was incredibly fun to sing along to (OH! Oohhh! Trouble, trouble, trouble!). Also, you remember that video of the goat screaming/bleating/singing to this song, and it’s still funny.

And then there was “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” which had a super strange music video involving animal mascots, but was catchy nonetheless. Whether you remember singing it to remind yourself that your ex should stay your ex or to remember a technique of integration in AP Calc (spoiler alert), you can’t deny that this song was a big part of your life.

And most recently, Swift released 1989.

1989Creative Commons

“Shake it Off” reminded you to not let the haters get you down. Tay says mean people don’t matter, so obviously this must be true. Also, it was exciting to hear her half rap in this song.

“Blank Space” caused confusion over whether she was saying “lonely Starbucks lovers” or “long list of ex-lovers,” and probably some heated debates between your friend group about the correct lyrics. And obviously, Taylor looked fabulously insane while smashing vintage car windows in couture outfits in the music video. Her crazed look during these scenes perfectly described how you felt during CRP season.

“Bad Blood” was kind of a shock due to Swift’s collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, but so great. You finally had something to sing to your friends when they wouldn’t share their food with you. And obviously, since this song is allegedly about her beef with Katy Perry, you had a celebrity feud to model your own hatred after. Or, as head of the math department Sharon Goldau suggests, “In Bad Blood Taylor discusses ‘solving problems,’… I’m certain she is referring to math problems.”

Overall, Taylor Swift has made a lasting impact on the music industry and (clearly) the hearts of teenage girls. With luck, she’ll be back soon, creating more hits for the ears of many to enjoy.