Stop These Summer Fashions (Please)


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Krista Blazier, Features Editor

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what that means! For two and a half months, we get to ditch the plaid and wear all the cute, untouched clothes that have been sitting in our closets for far too long. However, some fashion choices and trends of today seem to be a bit questionable.

To help you avoid major outfit regrets and those “Oh my God, who let me out of the house like this?” moments when looking back on this summer’s photo album, here are a few styles you should stay away from:

1. High-Waisted Shorts: For some unknown reason, these have resurfaced from their reign in the 1980s. Let me just make the point that certain styles become outdated for a reason. While shorts with this waistline can come in handy in order to cover more skin when you wear crop tops, they just really are not flattering. And have you ever tried to sit down in them? Well don’t; it’s terrible. Not to mention that clothing designers think it’s ok to cut off even more fabric from the leg since there is extra at the top. All bad.

high waisted shorts lo resPhoto by Creative Commons

2. Overly-Baggy Jeans: AKA mom jeans. I know you want to be like all the models on Tumblr, but jeans like this do not ever look like you want them to. You don’t have to wear skinny jeans to be trendy, but you also definitely should not be able to fit both of your legs into one of the pant legs.

jeans lo resPhoto by Creative Commons

3. Jump Suits: Like a long romper. I know we all want to wear our pajama onesies in public, but ladies, this is not the solution. Whoever thought to sew pants to a shirt and sell them together was not looking out for everyone’s best interests. And what happens if you need to go to the bathroom? Just saying.

jumpsuit lo resPhoto by Creative Commons

4. Body Chains: Apparently, a new trend is to wear necklaces that also go around your hips? I don’t really understand the point. I would advise wearing a belt and a necklace separately, or something of the sort. I am also noticing that fashion is becoming a game of combining two items to create one.

body chain lo resPhoto by Creative Commons

5. Flash Tattoos: These are always fun for the first day, but then when you go out in public sporting a metallic bracelet-tattoo, you always kind of feel like a dork. And then you have to wait for it to wear off. Your better option is probably to just wear jewelry. Or, if you’re set on showing off metallic designs, buy a silver Sharpie and draw something yourself. It’s a lot cheaper.

FlashTattoo lo resPhoto by Creative Commons

6. Flower Crowns: No, not every day is Coachella. And even if it were, your flower crown would still be a smidge overdone. Just pick some clovers and tie them together by the stems like you did in elementary school. At least then, you won’t have to pay to look “artsy.”

flower crown lo resPhoto by Creative Commons

7. Talon Nails: How can you manage to do anything with these? I don’t see how these are a practical choice for everyday life. And whenever I see people that have giant, oval nails, I am afraid they are going to claw me. Maybe that’s the point, though?

nails lo resPhoto by Creative Commons

8. Drawn-On Lips: Personally, I don’t even think Kylie can pull them off, and she’s a celebrity. When you put lipstick outside of your natural lip line, it’s obvious. It looks like you just drank Gatorade and it left a mark.

lips lo resPhoto by Creative Commons

9. Kool-Aid Hair Dye: I know dip dying your hair with Kool-Aid was probably THE coolest thing to do in eighth grade, but I think we are a little too old for that now. Just a friendly reminder that this shouldn’t happen anymore (and hopefully, won’t).

hair dye lo resPhoto by Creative Commons

My apologies if I just called you out on any of these trends. I have definitely made a bunch of debatable fashion choices myself, and I’m simply trying to spare you some regrets. Hopefully, we can agree that these fads should stop gaining popularity so that we can spare our future-selves from embarrassment.