Behind the Scenes at the Presentation Fashion Show!

Behind the Scenes at the Presentation Fashion Show!

Sangeet Brar, A&E Editor, Multimedia Editor

We all know a lot of time and effort goes into the annual Presentation Fashion Show. But do we really know what goes on behind the scenes? This year, 11 talented student designers put tons of time and creativity into imagining, designing, and creating a fashion show picture, perfect outfit.

If you’ve never been to the fashion show, then here’s a rundown of what goes on. Our senior models strut their stuff in different brands like Brandy Melville, The North Face and Free People. Though the brand name clothes are fantastic, nothing compares to the clothes that the Pres girls handcraft.

The designers put a tremendous amount of time into designing their outfits. “I spend about 16 hours creating my dress,” says senior Ariana Willis, a third-year fashion show designer. “There’s a lot of time and effort that has to be put into making them so that they look amazing at the fashion show. I really like to pay attention to detail so that I can make sure that everything is exactly the way I envisioned it.”

It takes a lot of dedication to spend that amount of energy on their outfits. The designers have to buy materials, combine the patterns, sew, fit it to their models, and sew even more. But the end results make up for all the hard work they put in. Junior Jessica Hom says, “I look forward to the finished dress. I have been lucky enough to have models that have similar body types to my own. After seeing the dress on the runway, I am able to wear the dresses.”

There are so many different designers, and they all have their own style. And what better way to show it off than at the fashion show?

Willis says, “My favorite part about making my dress is seeing the final product. Seeing my vision and hard work come to life; there is nothing better than that moment when it’s going down the runway.”

Be sure to check out all the outfits the student designers created at the Presentation Vintage & Vogue Fashion Show on Friday, April 24. And stay tuned for more pictures after the show!